Story Time

The Jump off of becoming a Fashion freak

Soooo I’ve been obsessed with fashion ever since I can remember. My parents always told me that I would dress myself as a child in wild ass outfits. And still, nothing has changed! ? I went to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise in Downtown Los Angeles. I didn’t graduate but who fuckin cares?! I learned what I needed to, then I became a tattoo artist for about 8 years. I absolutely loved it! I met so many amazing people and learned so much from all the other artists I came across. But still, I was always drawn to fashion and creating my style more than anything! That is my identity, my confidence builder, my “I can do anything” mentality maker! After having twin girls at 27, I had gained 100lbs, dressed in leggings, running shoes, t-shirts, hoodies, or whatever else was frumpy and comfortable. In all honesty, I really felt like shit. I was also scared about what others would think of me if I started to dress a certain way, especially now that I was a mom. I slowly but surely started losing weight and worked on my mental health (I’ll save that fun one for another blog). I found some amazing websites with funky clothes that were totally up my alley and I was like FUCK YES! I tried a bunch of stuff out and started to see what worked as far as putting an outfit together. The magic in fashion is that it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but you. That is what makes you unique! It’s what sets you apart from the rest to make you feel special and build your confidence because when you have confidence there isn’t anything you aren’t capable of doing. The way you dress and present yourself is where that starts, at least for me! I feel like it can work for anyone, you just gotta dive in and try something different. I totally missed my calling as a stylist, and I’m pretty sure my clients would be in the lady Gaga kind of department! ? Anyway, on here I’ll post my outfits and my thought process on putting them together for different occasions. I promise to never be boring or filtered, it’s just not in my DNA! So get ready hoezzzz! ???✨