Story Time

The Church of Chillizm

Sooo during the 2020 quarantine, I left my husband of 8 years days before lockdown. I moved into my parent’s house and about a week later my younger sister, EmyJo, also left her wife and moved into the room next to me! ? It was like being teenagers all over again! We were grown-ass adults living with our parents, so everyone called us Brennen & Dale from the movie Stepbrothers. It suits us pretty well and it’s pretty funny when you think about it, so the nicknames just stuck! ? We hung out every day, not like we had much choice and we still had the best times we could under the circumstances! Don’t get me wrong, we would have our days where I would chuck a shoe or laundry basket at her head, and she would give it right back to me because she’s a little savage! Just some sisterly love, ya know?! Our nights would be spent on our deck, by the fireplace where I would have my cocktails and she would smoke her joints. During the day, we would go on hikes and run the stairs in the forest where we lived. We weren’t complete lazy asses. Still, every night we’d go hang out on the deck and chill. It started to get old and getting unemployment pay wasn’t enough to contribute to the household. I had my twin girls, fashion obsession, and sneaker addiction to pay for! We’re just in love with style and keeping up with new trends, as well as always creating our own looks. We wear some crazy outfits sometimes… so keep an eye out for some of our fits! Anyway, one night while we were hard chillin on the deck, we decided it was time to figure out another source of income. We were tired of being broke and we’re both artists, so we were going stir crazy not being able to create. That’s when the idea of starting a t-shirt and hat company came about. We then started brainstorming ideas on a name. We probably sounded like complete idiots spouting off ideas after a couple of cocktails and joints! Then at one point, Emy said “well, the deck is like our church, where we hard chill… It’s THE CHURCH OF CHILLIZM!” ⛪ We were pretty much jumping around thinking we were geniuses! We then pitched the idea to our dad after he was a couple of glasses deep into some two buck chuck and he agreed to invest. The next morning he tried to say he changed his mind about investing and we said, “I DONT THINK SO SPARKY!!”. He gave us $600 to get it started and we made it work for the time being. We had no idea what we were doing. I mean I’m a tattoo artist, she’s a barber, and we’re not the most business savvy. At this point, we were pretty much flying by the seat of our pants. We created the logo and graphic then went to a local screen printer and had a few hats and t-shirts made. We made a super simple website to sell on and had a lot of local support, and it all sold out online! We took the small profits and ordered more t-shirts and hats. One day I was walking down the street and by some miracle, I met an owner of a badass streetwear clothing shop. I asked him if he would be willing to carry our brand at his store on Cannery Row in Monterey, and he said yes! We didn’t have any idea of how it would go so we were just hoping for the best! We ended up selling out of everything! From there we designed hoodies and they were a hit too and sold out quickly! I mean if this wasn’t a sign to run with it I don’t know what would be! I recently decided to give up tattooing and go balls to the wall with this. So stay tuned for the beginning of an Empire! ???

Church of Chillizm OG Hoodie
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